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There Are Many Different Reasons An Individual Might Enter Into A Dependency Therapy Program

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For some people, the concern of asking "is Drug dependency a mental disease?" might appear moot. Nevertheless, there actually are no medical research studies that indicate dependency is a mental disorder. For other individuals however, the subject matter of addiction can be extremely significant and also also life-threatening. This is true whether the addiction to drugs is physical or mental.

When people ask what is Drug addiction, they are usually describing substance abuse - that is, a dependency to drugs or alcohol. Nonetheless, Drug dependency can likewise entail betting, making use of illegal drugs such as drug or heroin, as well as even prescription drugs (Rx) such as discomfort medication or antidepressants. Additionally, there can also be that are believed to cause a person's addiction to drugs and alcohol. These include anxiety, bi-polar condition, schizophrenia as well as trauma.

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